Music Ministry

Unity Choir


This Choir leads congregational praise during various worship services. They sing at Olivet, and enjoy opportunities to fellowship with other churches and choirs whenever they are invited to participate! The Choir members love a range of music and enjoy introducing one another to different songs. They have a large library of music, and welcome anyone with a passion for singing praises to join in!

Olivet Men of Song (+2)


This acapella group of men and women enjoy singing Spirituals with a twist!  This group sings at Olivet, and especially enjoy taking worship experiences in locations throughout Michiana from time to time! The  members enjoy music and challenge one another with unexpected arrangements! They draw from traditional songs however always expect the unexpected--and, if you choose to join them, be ready to laugh during rehearsals!

Praise Team


This small and talented group sings songs of high praise to start the worship experience! The  members have a love of the Lord and enjoy singing His praises. They draw from a range of traditional and current songs and invite the congregation to join in, so together, we invite the Holy Spirit into the worship experience.