Yoga & Prayer

The Yoga Studio at Olivet is home to a range of classes for everyBODY--from the novice to the advanced practitioner. The Studio has mats, props, and a spirit of love and acceptance. Classes are taught by Sister Elouise Thomas, a Certified Yoga instructor.

Health & Wellness


Protein is needed for every body! And there are many sources of it! Great sources of protein are found in beans and dairy--non-animal forms of protein. Try some extra beans in your taco or in your chili--get the same taste and protein benefits.


And, in this health moment, we learn that gender as well as age play a role in determining how much protein we need each day! Go ahead, choose a plant based protein today!


Carbohydrates--also called 'carbs'--are a staple in every diet. The key is to know the difference between healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs! That is the focus of this weeks Health Moment!


And, to help make changes easier, try adding one new thing at a time. Make healthy choices!

The Forgotten Food Group

A recent Health Moment featured the Forgotten Food Group!


Can you guess which one it is? If not, watch this short video and learn a bit about how to provide all the necessities you need for your nutritional health!


Want to know more? Come to our Wellness Series to learn how to Dine like Daniel!